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Second Chance Part 3 (Ex-Slave!Child!Reader)
    It felt weird being on land again. Y/n got so use to the constant rocking of the ocean, she forgot what it was like on stable ground. Thatch laughed at the face she made, as she took her first stable step onto the dock. Many of the crew members were carrying things that needed to be filled, such as barrels, crates, bags, everything that can hold something. Y/n offered to hold something (by sticking out her arms), but she was denied and was told to go have fun. Between being on land, and not having to do anything, it was a very awkward day.
    Marco and Thatch were in charge of her as they roamed the village. She was always looking at other things, her e/c orbs shining with curiosity. Whitebeard has been kind enough to give them an allowance, for Y/n. She could buy whatever her heart desired. So far, the only thing she has boughten was a book, that Marco said she should get in order to read. Other than that, Little Y/n couldn’t decide what to buy
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 139 24
The Courtship of Moths (Saizo x Reader)
"I know that you're following me, Saizo."
The ninja grunted and dropped down from his hiding spot. Even though he could be just as stealthy as Kaze and Kagero when he chose to be, you didn't look remotely startled to see a grown man fall from the air and land in front of you. If anything, you looked faintly amused, which only hardened the ninja's resolve. Saizo straightened up to his full height, definitely taller than you, but you continued staring at him with a slight quirk of your eyebrows, lips pursed.
Though you were a member of the Hoshidian army, you were something of an enigma. On a scouting mission, the recovered royalty had found you on the outskirts of a decimated village. You claimed that the faceless had destroyed it and you had only barely managed to get out to sound the warning alarm, prompting an arrival from the royal army itself. Though the trusting members of the royal family had accepted your story at face value, Saizo remained unconvinced. Your fighting prowess, fo
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 71 30
New Song~ Brook x Reader- Day 5 of Christmas

     It was repetitive, the same Christmas songs over and over until.. "Brook! Sing that song one more time and I'll... I'll jump overboard!" You warn the skeleton making him stop.
    "I'm sorry ___-San." He hums, "Am I over doing it?" He inquires.
    "It's becoming repetitive." You sigh rubbing your cheek. He gives a sad hum and you shift feeling a wave of guilt.
    "Perhaps I can make a new Christmas song." He says lighting up. You blink and smile.
    "That would be refreshing," You muse touching his arm before heading inside.
    Christmas day started off without a hitch. Or a song. You were holding onto Brooks present with a frown. "Where's Brook?" You murmur worried.
"Snowflakes falling from the sky~" His song voice answers making you look over as he comes out wearing a Santa outfit, which looked odd with his tall and slender frame. "Sparkling as beautiful as her eyes~" He taps
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 91 12
Cold. (Chopper x Reader)
Crimson red seeped through, staining the skin around it, the cloth it dripped on. Any outsider who had not seen the pervious events would say it had rained down blood, damning those who were below. As sad as it is, they would only be half correct, for it had not rained, but one of many around were surely damned. Like hell had risen through the broken ground and the devil himself had done his own bidding. The wind rushed past her ears as he world broke, she fell, her feet giving out, allowing her weight to drag her down. And opening her eyes for what seemed like the fist time in hours, the stench invaded her sense of smell, burning the back of her throat. She could almost taste it, the overwhelming iron, the retch on her tongue. Looking at the field around her, the grass stood green no more, much like her skin, it was painted in a deep red. Numbly looking down, she hoped to escape the scenery around her, but to no avail, her legs were soaked and if she hadn't looked so intently, she wou
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 86 28
Happy Birthday. (Chopper x Reader)
Looking past the fire of the candles in front of him, he swore he saw a figure forming from it in that chair. It was small and the smile that its face held brightened up his world, but at the same time, it weighed something heavy on his little heart. Everything seemed to slow down around him as you started to laugh; the cheering of his other crew mates fell deaf on his ears and all he could hear was the soft sound of your voice as you coaxed him. "Make a wish."
You were right there, looking into his eyes, smiling at him, looking perfectly healthy, and if you hadn't been transparent, he would have reached out to touch you. Before he closed his eyes to blow out the candles, he saw your arm stretch and a shiver racked through him as your hand hovered just inches above his.
Upon closing his eyes and blowing, something came to him- a memory he had of something you had told him before. A story you had share with him last year on this exact day..
"Chopper, I want to tell
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 27 13
The Most Human| Chopper x Reader
While everyone else was asleep, you were in your room, a tiny lantern set on on your oak wood desk that gave off a dim, orange luminescence.
You were just wrapping up a summary, as log keeper, of today's adventures with your crew, the Straw Hats, when you heard a tiny knock at you door.
Tap, tap, tap...
The knocker could not be mistaken. 'But..what was he doing up?' You wondered as you closed your journal, tucking it away into your drawer. Rising from the chair, you turned and walked to the door, your fuzzy sock-clad feet padding along the wooden boards.
Opening the door with a silent creak, you looked down to see Chopper in his dark pajamas.
"Hey, Chopper.." You whisper-greeted, not bothering to kneel down, for he might accuse you of treating him like a child. "I just finished logging our adventures today. What are you doing up?"
"I..erm..couldn't...sleep..." He admitted, looking down at his feet. Was that sniffle you heard?
"D-Do you mind if I..?"
"Of course not, hun,"
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 118 3
Cherry Blossom Valentine| Reader X Chopper
              You did not like the holidays. Even after joined the Straw Hats two years ago, you felt none of the joy or happiness the holidays where supposed to bring. No one knew why this was, then again not a single person in the crew knew about your past.
              Currently you are hanging from the lowest arm on the center mast, upside down like a bat. This is a favorite napping spot of yours; it offers a perfect view of the Sunny’s deck, plus if anyone tried to seek up on you they would have to climb.
              “Hey (Name)!”
              Opening your eyes you look down to see Chopper standing at the base of the mast. Seeing the ships adorable physician instantly brightens your mood. Unhookin
:iconpsychocircus774:PsychoCircus774 85 10
Something Else [ChopperxReader]
You were sprawled out in your sleep, writhing around before you let out a startled cry and jolted up, breathing heavily you wrestled the blankets off your body before staggering up and listening to the eerie quietness of the Thousand Sunny.
Everyone was still asleep, good; you hadn’t disturbed anyone with your outburst.
You made your way to the kitchen, hoping to get a glass of water when you stumbled across the ship’s doctor, Chopper.
“Oh, Chopper, you’re still up?” You asked, collecting a drink for yourself and taking a sip as you turned to him and waited for a reply.
“Yeah, I just finished making some more rumble balls, I was running low,” he stated, fidgeting his hooves, he peeked up at you then back at the ground before he got up from the table he was sitting at and ran off without saying another word.
You stared after his form, unfazed. It wasn’t uncommon for Chopper to flee from your presence; you had grown use to his shy demeanour
:iconjordypye:Jordypye 26 2
Beautiful Monster~ Chopper x Reader *Oneshot*

           "Mm how about a cotton candy cake?" You muse to Sanji thoughtfully, watching Chopper's cute little face light up and giggle a bit. Sanji chuckles. 
           "Is that really what you want?" Sanji inquires. You nod with a smile. 
           "Of course!" You assure getting up, "Come on Chopper, lets go fish!" You decide, leading out the reindeer. He was your best friend and you just loved to do things to spoil the little cutie. You sit on the railing, helping the little guy up and starting to fish. Chopper was oddly quiet today, glancing periodically at you.
           "Something wrong Chopper?" You ask, meeting his curious gaze. He blinks, ears flickering. 
            "No I was just thinking about how we met," He says, looking at his fishing rod. "You called yourself a monste
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 84 9
Chopper x Reader: I Bring You a Song
~ I bring you a song
And I sing as I go
For I want you to know
That I'm looking for romance~
Chopper blushed as he gripped the side of the doorway and shyly peeked around the corner. The newest member of the Straw-hat pirates, (y/n) was the crew’s new quartermaster and delegated the crew’s money and treasures. Nami was skeptical of having another woman in charge of the money, but (y/n) simply counted the money and made sure there was enough funds for food, medical supplies and other necessary equipment the ship needed. When the ship docked on an island, she would divide a fair allowance for the crew members who wanted to go shopping.
Chopper had taken a fancy to her in the first few days of her being on the ship. She’d always help him keep track of which herbs and medicines he needed and which ones he could purchase cheaply or find as a wild plant. She was friendly towards Chopper and treated him as if he were a normal human. Him being a reindeer, had no effect on how
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 76 19
Day 7- Chopper x Reader
       Humming was in the kitchen, the stereo was blasting Christmas music while a small (h/c) girl was making cookies. Swinging around to grab ingredients she could smell the air being filled with wonderful scents. Placing the last of the cookies on the tray and into the oven she could feel the gaze of someone on her. “You can come on in Chopper. I’m going to make cotton candy. Would you like to help?” the reindeer gasped that he had been found out, but the temptation of cotton candy made him smile. Quickly walking over to her he nodded indicating he was wanting to help, “Ok then let’s wash up!”
“Oh no Chopper not there!” “Gah! (Name)! It’s on fire!” “Chopper no not in the sink!” too late the whole batch of cotton candy was ruined. Burned and soaked it was not able to be eaten. She looked over to her friend noticing his eyes with tears, “I am never going to cook again!” he wai
:iconcutekitten1106:cutekitten1106 22 2
Christmas Special Day Sixteen - Usopp
“Did you see that?” Usopp shouted, startling you wake as he makes a sharp turn on the snowy road.
“What?! What is it!” You yell, wide eyes as you look for the source that awaken you.
“They are having a petting zoo for reindeers!” Usopp said excitedly. You glared at him as he could feel the daggers on him.
“You scare the living shit out of me just to go pet some deer’s?” You growled.
“R-Reindeers…” Usopp dare to correct you. You were fuming but stopped yourself from exploding as you took a deep breath.
“Very well, we can go but we can’t stay long.” You decided. You glance over and smile when you see him beaming with joy. You can’t stay made at him no matter how hard you try. He parks the car and pay the fee and some seeds as you walk in the park. To your surprise, there were a lot of people here just to see and pet some reindeers. Usopp gently raise his handful of seed up to one and the reind
:iconpeacegirl1900:peacegirl1900 16 1
Usopp x reader
1.    Denial
    You looked down at your hands, holding a slingshot, and fiddled with it. You remembered the days when he and you would practice together. He and you were two peas in a pod. The sun was setting, and the light was fading, but you didn’t mind. You had been sitting on the wooden fence, and here you waited everyday to see Usopp as he left her house. You smiled as you heard the sound of footsteps hitting the ground. You quickly hopped off the fence, and put your slingshot away. Usopp noticed you and waved. You waved back, and you each walked together on the way back.
    You insisted on not believe that Kaya, that girl he always talked to now, was favored over you. So every day you waited for him to see if you were forgotten. You wouldn’t allow to be forgotten by someone who you had spent your whole life with.
2. Anger
    You watched as he told the fair skinned, pure female a tall tale. He used to tell you s
:iconyvnan:Yvnan 11 18
20 - Play [UsoppxReader]
 - Has someone seen Usopp ? You asked exasperated.
- I'd like to know too, he said that he'll play tags with me, Luffy pouted.
- Sorry, ____-chan ! Don't concerned yourself with this guy, here have a drink ~ Sanji said while walking toward you with a stray full of drinks.
You tried to do as he said and sat in a corner sipping on his delicious cocktail but you couldn't get Usopp out of your mine. He was your best friend on the ship, the only one who could handle your pranks and stupid ideas – except for Luffy but Luffy is...Luffy. And you had a little game going on, you pulled pranks at each other all the time. However, he had been avoiding you since your last prank – one of your masterpiece - and disappeared from time to time without an explanation and every time you tried to had one, he seemed startled and mumbled things before running away.
- Usoooopp ! You told me that you'll play with me ! You heard Luffy whine.
You glanced a
:iconcawy-x:Cawy-x 39 13
Usopp x reader ~Two little secrets

It is another sunny day on the Sunny. Nami and Robin are sunbathing with Sanji swirling around them in his little tornado mode. Zoro is in the crow's nest training, Franky down in his workshop, and Brook sitting in the gallery drinking tea. Chopper, Luffy and Usopp are fooling around as you sit on the railing, trying to capture them in the drawing notebook you had on your lap.
Actually, you wanted to draw one specific person from the group, but you could not draw him alone, as you knew it would arise Nami's and Robin's suspicions. You let out a content sigh as you finish the drawing, looking it over proudly. In your drawing, the three lay on their backs on the grassy deck, hands stretched towards the sky, and looked as if reaching out of the picture. All of them had bright smiles on their faces. You smile at your creation, another wave of pride filling you.
"Oi! (F/n)! What did you draw?" A voice draws you back to reality. Your cheeks ta
:iconthebloodyfullmoon:TheBloodyFullMoon 26 6
Private Quarters - Takumi x Reader {One-shot}
“Geez—I don’t have the free time to do this.”
You stared up into your companion’s face, exasperation surely drifting over yours; you’d taken the time to congregate with your maids and butlers, construct entirely new buildings on your castle grounds, recruits a few prisoners, finally go back to your quarters to rest, and Takumi is the one complaining about having no time?
“My ass,” you thought aloud, earning a couple of flustered blinks from the Hoshidan prince. Takumi’s long hair swished about as he avoided your gaze, a frown playing at the lines between his eyes.
“What makes you say that?” Indignance laced his voice, but the posture your dear prince beheld was anything but. Unconsciously, you reached out and fiddled with the ends of Takumi’s silkily soft hair, other hand maneuvering to smooth the crinkle in his brow.
“It’s almost midnight. There can’t possibly be anything for you to do but
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 180 32


"Nami-swan! Robin-Chwan! gonny -chwan! "Se le retiró la mirada de su libro como Sanji corrió hacia ustedes tres, que sostiene una bandeja brillante. Nami suspiró mientras Robin simplemente se rió de su clara molestia. "¡Aqui tienes! Un postre perfecto para tres doncellas perfectos. "Anunció, el ​​establecimiento de la bandeja en una mesa de té cerca.Se sonrió al ver sumo de freza y un pidin sobre el mismo, a lo largo de jugo de naranja y de Nami variedad de frutas y té y sándwiches de Robin. 

"Gracias." Ustedes tres al unísono, a continuación, comenzó a comer. Los ojos de Sanji se convirtieron en los corazones como un reguero de baba corría por la barbilla barba. Antes de murmurar algo en la línea de "bello" y "comer" desapareció de la planta baja como un tornado. 

Algunos minutos después, cerró su libro, después de haber terminado, y se levantó.Obviamente, esto no pasó desapercibido por las otras dos mujeres. 

"¿Ha terminado su libro?", Se preguntó Robin. Asiente con la cabeza, se echó los brazos al cielo, que se extiende gratamente. 

"Sí, creo que voy a ir a conseguir otro." Dijiste cuidadosamente, y comenzó a dirigirse a sus cuartos. 

"O podríamos hacer algo juntos. Ya sabes, un poco, Girl Talk. "Que te hizo dar marcha atrás, y enviar Nami una mirada confusa. Ella sonrió y miró a la mujer mayor. "¿Estás de acuerdo con eso, Robin?" 

"Sí, podría ser divertido." Suspirando, se dejó caer en su silla. Usted sabía que terminaría Nami blabbering de chicos o de compras. Por el amor de Dios, Robin era más maduro, ¿por qué ella incluso de acuerdo con eso? 

"Entonces ... ¿qué quieres hablar?" Usted pidió derrotado. La sonrisa de Nami se convirtió en una sonrisa maligna, y sintió que sus músculos se tensan. 

"... ¿Qué pasa con ... Torao?" Su respiración se enganchó en la garganta, y Robin se rió entre dientes. El recuerdo de aquella noche vino a la mente, y lo primero que usted pensaba que era de lo bien que se sentían esos labios. Con desesperación, que ha intentado cubrir el rubor que se arrastró a su cara, pero fue en vano. 

"¿Por qué pasa con él?" Usted preguntó, su voz una octava más alta. Ambos se miraron, luego asintieron y te miraban con maldad. 

"Porque vimos lo que pasó entre ustedes dos ...", explicó Robin. Su boca estaba abierta, y que estaban casi seguro de que se miraba como un pez. 

"Pudiste H-cómo? Estoy cien por ciento seguro de que los dos estaban durmiendo cuando ocurrió y- " 

" Oh, por lo que realmente pasó? Qué emocionante! "Exclamó Nami, y mirabas sin habla. 

" ... ¿Qué? " 

" No sabíamos ni ver si algo pasó entre Torao-kun y usted, pero sólo nos hemos dicho algo sucedió en efecto. "Robin dijo con calma, y se la quedó mirando, luego gimió en voz alta. 

" Eso no es justo! "lloriqueo era la única cosa que podría hacer. "De todos modos, ¿por qué quieres saber? ¿Qué opinas de él? " 

" Yo diré después. En primer lugar ... ¿qué hizo? Llegaron las cosas ... traviesa? "Preguntó Nami mientras mueve sus cejas finas, lengua que empuja hacia fuera a pasar por encima de sus suaves labios. Ahora, usted estaba segura de que estaba más caliente que la estrella más grande conocida. 

"N-no!" Usted chirriaba. En serio, Nami y su mente pervertida. Pero le sorprendió que la Law no se había hecho realidad, ya que cualquier movimiento. Tal vez sólo se olvidó?Suspirando profundamente, que acaba de decidir el juego. "Él ... me picoteado ..." Usted murmuró tímidamente. 

"Oh, sólo un beso? Vamos, nadie se pone tan nerviosa por un beso. "A pesar de que ella no estaba realmente creer su mentira, Nami sonaba un poco decepcionado. 

" Está bien! No era sólo un beso! La mayoría, como un beso profundo. Y si me ponen nerviosos antes, es a causa de que la mente sucia de la tuya! "Usted vio cómo el rostro de ambos dibujaron una sonrisa, y Nami se rió. 

" Así que les haya gustado? "Robin ahora estaba tomando parte, pidiendo algo tan embarazoso. 

"Sí, nos dicen ..." Nami siguió adelante. "¿Es Torao un buen besador?" En este momento, su cara sería envidiado por la rosa más roja. ¿Cómo se suponía que debía de responder a eso? Tomando una respiración profunda, se decidió a responder, en realidad no darse cuenta de los pasos ni presencia detrás de usted. 

"Sí! ¡Él es asombroso! Ese beso era caliente, apasionado, alucinante e increíble! ¿De acuerdo? "Susurraste-Grité, no querer que el resto de la nave para escuchar. Sin embargo, se ha notado que Nami no estaba mirando a usted, en lugar de algo que estaba detrás de su marco. 

"Oh, es bueno saber que ..." Una voz burlona, ​​uno que sabía más que bien, habló desde atrás tú. Lentamente, se dio la vuelta para ser recibido por la mirada medio cerrados de Law. "¿De verdad crees que beso tan bien? ¿O simplemente exagerando? " 

" II ... bueno, ya S-ver ... um ... "Usted sintió cómo las palabras murieron en su garganta, todo intento de explicar esto es inútil. Todo lo que realmente podría hacer era a presión se dirige de nuevo y el deslumbramiento en los dos hembras, que se acaban de ponerse de pie. 

"Bueno, vamos a ponerte en marcha para que pueda tener algo de intimidad ... Cuéntanos cómo ha ido, gonny "Con eso, se alejaban, probablemente en dirección a los cuartos niñas. Si acaba sido lo suficientemente rápido y la prisa de allí antes, no estaríamos en esta situación. 

"Como el infierno lo haré ..." Usted murmuró a nadie en especial. Law y se sentó donde Robin era antes, teniendo toda su atención. 

"gonny -ya, que no han respondido a mi pregunta." Dijo bastante frialdad, sin embargo, un toque de diversión podría ser escuchado en su tono. Usted se encogió cuando él blandengue puso la mano sobre el muslo, acariciando lentamente. 

Se veía lejos, vibrante rubor en su cara que se niega a desaparecer en el corto plazo. Law chasqueó la lengua, y que tenía sentido el muslo de su traslado a la cadera izquierda, mientras que su mano derecha tomó la cadera derecha. Usted dejó escapar un chillido cuando se levantó y se colocó en su regazo. Con el fin de mantener su equilibrio, sus manos volaron a su pecho expuesto ... 

¿Por qué diablos estaba usando una camisa desabrochada hoy ?! 

"gonny -ya ..." Llamó, dedos que se dirigían a la parte posterior de su cabeza para que nos fijamos en él. "Tal vez se acaba de blabbering sin pensar, ¿verdad? Porque no se puede recordar cómo sabía mis labios ... "Su voz se hizo más ronca y ronca con cada palabra que salía de su boca. Sus ojos se encontraron brevemente en los labios, luego de vuelta a sus propios orbes grises. Law hizo verlo. "Es decir ... quieres besarme otra vez, ¿verdad?" Usted sabía que le estaba tomando el pelo, la sonrisa en su cara lo decía por él.

"... ¿Y si te dije que, de hecho, quiero besar de nuevo? "susurraste, y juró que si sus ojos se abrieron un poco. Eso es, por supuesto, hasta que una sonrisa se ​​hizo cargo, y él rompieron sus labios contra los suyos. Suspiraste y se pasó las uñas por su tonificado abdomen, entonces su otra mano buscó a cabo dentro de sus cabellos, los arañazos y tomando puñados, tirando de un gemido de sus labios .. 

Comenzó a desprenderse de sus labios para volver a conectar de nuevo, los sonidos húmedos repitiendo dentro de sus oídos, por lo que se siente mareado. La mano en su cabello viajó al sur, acariciando su hombro derecho, y todo el camino hacia el brazo delgado. Apenas sintió la cicatriz de su brazo derecho, por encima de la fina tela de su camisa, donde Doflamingo había cortado su miembro. La idea de conseguir su brazo cortado envió un escalofrío por la columna vertebral desagradable, sabiendo lo doloroso que sería. 

Que poco a poco se alejó, dando el labio inferior una línea de contacto blandas. Se sorprendió cuando vio que su cara no era tan nervioso como él esperaba, más bien un poco molestos. 

"¿Qué pasa?", Se preguntó, frunciendo el ceño se instaló en su rostro. ¿Hizo algo malo? Su expresión se suavizó un poco, pero sus ojos tenían la tristeza en ellos. 

"Trafalgar-san ... Está a la búsqueda de una aventura de una noche, ¿verdad?" Su ceño se profundizó, mientras su mano inconscientemente empezó a frotar el brazo. 

"¿por qué piensas eso?" 

"Debido a que casi no me conoce, y yo no creo que es el tipo de persona que cree en el amor a primera vista ..." se detuvo, y luego sonrió con tristeza. "... Pero pienso que soy ..." Los ojos de Law se abrieron un poco, antes de su fría máscara ocultaba sus emociones una vez más. 

"¿Estás preguntando que me amas?", Se preguntó, y apartó la mirada, antes de dar un suave cabecear. Usted no pudo ver una obra sonrisa en sus labios, mientras se ponía de cerrar en un abrazo. 


"En primer lugar, gonny -ya, dejar de añadir esa estúpida '-san' a mi nombre , ¿lo tengo?Y en segundo lugar ... ¿y si te dijera que realmente me gusta usted también? "Sus ojos se abrieron, y se trató desesperadamente de alejarse. 

" P-Pero ... ¿por qué? No soy una chica especial. Se podría incluso haber elegido Nami o Robin! Ni siquiera pertenecen a su equipo! "Todo lo que era correcto. Usted sabía que cuando terminó la alianza, que sería enemigos de nuevo. Salir con tu enemigo? 

"Derecho ... usted no es de mi equipo. ¿Desea unirse? ", Se preguntó casualmente, y se le quedó mirando. ¿Está realmente le pide que? Usted rodó los ojos y señaló con el brazo."Está bien, está bien, bromeando. Pero me gusta su compañía. Supongo ... ahora que Doflamingo es derrotado, podría dejar que me relajaba un poco. "Explicó, cerrando los ojos."Además, creo que eres muy especial, gonny -ya ...)." Un gruñido salió de sus labios, y luego, cuando sintió sus brazos fuertemente se envuelven alrededor de su torso. 

"Realmente te aman, law! "sintió que el corazón deje de latir, y esperaba que usted no se siente con la cabeza acurrucó tan firmemente contra su pecho. Ha pasado tanto, tanto tiempo desde que alguien ha dicho que lo amaban. Lentamente, se le devolvió el abrazo, el uso cada vez más fuerza, casi te aplastamiento. Usted faltaba el aire. "law!" 

"Eh, lo siento." Se apartó y le dio un golpe suave, manos entre los dedos, llevándola a sus labios y la colocación de un beso con ternura allí. "Definitivamente, me recuerda a él ..." 

"Hey, gonny ..." Usted ha oído la voz de Nami coo el momento en que cerró la puerta a sus cuartos detrás de usted. "¿Vas a decirnos cómo ha ido cosa?" Se veía, ella estaba sonriendo. Robin estaba sentado en su cama, leyendo otro libro. Casi parecía que se olvidó por completo la conversación. Si tan sólo pudiera decir lo mismo de Nami ... 

Acabado está preparando para la cama, se quedó sentada en su colchón suave, tirando de las tapas de las caderas, mientras que Nami te miraba impaciente. 

"Peachy." Usted murmuró en voz baja, Nami y gimió. 

"Eso no es una respuesta válida!" ella chilló, y se rodó sus ojos. 

"usted no me ha dicho lo que piensa de él sin embargo ..." usted replicó, y dejó una vista pasan sus labios. 

"está bien ... es espeluznante. No apruebo su relación, cualquiera que sea. "La sala se quedó en silencio, mientras la miraba, desconcertado. 

" ... Tienes que estar bromeando ... "


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